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Amenities Guide

Amenities Guide

Tipping Etiquette
What started as a purely discretionary reward for prompt and attentive service has evolved into a secret subculture with hidden expectations that aren't always well understood by travelers. Break the secret codes behind tipping etiquette with this guide.

Tipping Guide
Once you've got those secrets cracked, use this tipping guide to spell out exactly who gets tipped, how much, and when. The tipping guide covers everyone from the doorman who greets you, to the guy who fixes your air conditioning, to the concierge who gets you into the hottest restaurant in town.

Hotel Room Safety Tips
Stay safe and protect your valuables in and around your hotel room.

5 Hidden Hotel Room Charges
Keep travel costs within your budget by avoiding these common (and often unnecessary) extra hotel charges.

Spoiling Yourself: Concierge Level at Hotels
Is it worth stepping up to concierge level at your next hotel stay?

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