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  Why it is Never Too Early to Book Your Summer Beach Break - With the exception of your friends and family it always seems to be the same type of people you speak to about summer holidays.

British Columbia The Story of Canal Flats - Canal Flats today has a population of 753, not counting the local dogs and can lay claim to being one of British Columbia's newest municipalities and quite possibly one of the dullest.

Dublin Things You Must See - Dublin is a city like no other.

Eating out in Bergamo - I recently spent an enjoyable week in Bergamo.

Hawaii Farmers Markets Everywhere - Hawaii abounds with the aloha spirit and enjoys a thriving commerce.

South Padre Island - Situated at the eastern tip of Cameron County in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, South Padre Island is one of the premier coastal resort destinations in the United States.

Calgary Herald - The Calgary Herald is a daily newspaper in Calgary, Alberta, Canada covering general news, owned by CanWest Global Communications Corp.

Luggage Packing Tips for The Road Warrior - Getting frustrated or paranoid about bags to be packed for the next vacation need not be a mandatory part of your every holiday.

The Lighthouse Hotel Llandudno United Kingdom - Providing panoramic views across the Irish Sea, the Lighthouse hotel is a wonderful maritime relic offering accommodation of a rather unusual nature.

What to Take When Traveling - Many individuals have absolutely no idea what to include when packing for a trip.

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