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As any European can brag about, Barcelona in Spain is no exception with its endless history, much of it still remaining, but much more of it has been added on in the 20th century. In many people´s opinion, you fully appreciate what Catalunya ( four regions including Barcelona ) is all about if you concentrate on the newly added culture. Barcelona has been a busy city and with all the new activities that it is willing to take on, tourism has become a big part of its daily life.

So, for a full-scale visit to squeeze every drop of pleasure out of it, be well prepared with your map which has a details on hotels, entertainment, and the best celebrations and latest exhibitions.Pick one's way in Barcelona.The place to set out from to find your first glimpse of Modernism would be to go straight to Guell Park. This natural space should really have been called Antonio Gaudi Park because it is entirely filled with this architecture´s spellbinding works.

He has converted benches, balconies, walls and entire buildings into paintings. Once you have filled your camera with these delights, recharge it again for Gaudi´s highlight; the Sagrada Familia Church. Even though at first sight the Sagrada Familia has an antiquated look, it was started in 1883 and has been growing all during this century, getting special modern touch-ups and new addition.

In 1892 the Barcelona Zoo was founded. A private collection was donated to the city and as the centre of the city was in the port area called La Ciutat Vella ( beautiful city), the zoo is found in the Ciutadella Park. This fascinating place, houses more than 7,500 different types of animals. The tiny hippo pygmy or odd looking anteater is a big attraction for the wee folks and adults alike. The Barcelona Zoo takes much pride of its primates collection which at one time included and albino one. Dark grey coloured shell tortoises, pelicans and American buffalos and even a red kangaroo can be photographed up close without having to travel to distant lands.

The weather in Cataluyna and especially in Barcelona is not extreme, so a casual visit to see your animal friends can be done all year round. If your travel happens to take you to this city in the warmer months, Aquarama Barcelona, the aquatic park within the zoo will add to your zoo visit. Everyone is awed by the bottlenose dolphins seen at the daily shows together with other marvellous aquatic animals. The Barcelona Zoo excellent research programme is worldly known for breeding in captivity and for preserving species in danger.Las Ramblas promenade is the heart of the Ciutat Vella and of Barcelona.

Everyone who visits this city has recognized it as one of the most lively and colourful street shows, It is a living street garden with its decorative floral patterns with one of the best food markets in the city nearby called the Boqueria . With the Olympic games in 1992, the old run-down port area was surprisingly made into the Coastal Park where the Olympic village was stationed. At the Arts Hotel, Mapfre Towers and Nova Icaria Square you can find the twin towers which easily marked the whole area where this magnificent event was held and can still be visited.

Once again in 2004, this Oylmpic stadium and its ´Cobi´ mascot saw the Olympic torch before it was sent on to the 2004 host, Greece. Also in 2004, Barcelona once again out did itself, by setting up the Barcelona Forum, welcoming traveller from all over the world.You may be thinking that all this tourism needs a lot of special attention, especially in making travel to and from this great city a breeze. Well, they have achieved this and much more. The Barcelona Airport called The Prat is found on the outskirts but has many good public and private transport to get into the hub of the city.

Special buses for tourism leaving from the Catalunya Square included about 40 stops, one to see the Nou camp Football Stadium, home of the Barca Team. Visits to any of the monuments or attractions is a leisure event this way because you need not worry about the paying every time or having to pay attention to timetables. Many times the price of the ticket includes special discounts to get into these places, at some of the local shops and parkings. And if you are thinking about heading about 40 kilometres south to maybe the town of Sitges, a nice beach area on the costa, then there are local trains too. You have many buses right outside the terminals, the underground, taxis and many hotels offer comfortable mini-buses directly to your accomodations and to the open doors of Barcelona.

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By: Robert Carlton

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