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Disgusting sex tourists like Bob Kelly no longer welcome in DR

Bob Kelly, a retired insurance salesman, who claims (in his recent article on the GoArticles site) to enjoy "traveling to exotic and interesting tropical destinations" ? has recently published some disparaging and ill-informed things about the new political regime in the Dominican Republic. But do you really know why? Here is what we suspect. If anyone has searched around the GoArticles site, to see what other things Bob Kelly has written besides his recent inaccurate and 'whingeing' diatribe against the Dominican Republic entitled '50 cents to the Dollar in the Dominican Republic' they will soon recognize that he is actually just an unashamed, self-confessed, 60 year old, fat, bald, SEX PEST tourist, crying over the fact that it now costing him more to practice his vile vices. Kelly blatantly (and rather proudly) explains how he, as an evidently disgusting dirty old man, trawled an 'exotic island' for teenage beauties, using the services of someone who was evidently no more than a 'pimp' to help him exploit a series of young, and no doubt desperately poor, girls. (Let's be honest why, other than in absolute desperation, would a 18-25 year old girl otherwise look at such a 'man'?) This dirty old man is skin-crawlingly open about his shameful exploits on his visit to an exotic location, but due to his reference to a particular famous resort area it is clear that he is one of those vile perverts who only visits the Dominican Republic to use his financial leverage to further degrade and abuse young women. That is not to say that he isn't also disparaging, derogatory and vitriolic about his 'so-called' girl-friend back in the States - for whom we must all also feel great pity.

(We can only hope that like his ex-wife she has seen the light and realized that putting up with a sleazy, disrespectful, two-timing, pervert is NOT WORTH IT!?Hey girl, we can only guess you don't get to use the Internet much given Kelly's degrading reference to you?but if you do see this, then kick the cretin into touch, he should be labelled as a sex-offender anyway and you can definitely do better!) The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country, with marvellous surroundings, some of the best beaches in the world, great hotels, wonderful resorts, and probably the friendliest and most welcoming people in the Caribbean if not the World ? the ever smiling Dominicans. The DR also happens to be home to an unprecedented number of extremely attractive women (and men) one of the few fortunate heritages of the genetic combination of their Afro-Hispanic roots. Miss World is only one example of the many beautiful people for whom the Dominican Republic is their native land. But attractive though Dominicans may be, they have also been long suffering over the last couple of centuries, since the country's Independence. Dogged by dictators, various self-interested Governments, and 'empire building' Presidents. The latest exploitative example of almost devastating mismanagement occurred as recently as 2000-2004, during the tenure of Hipolito Mejia.

It is generally well known now (as various court cases continue to seek to exact some justice) that Mejia and his cronies virtually bled the country dry, and brought it to the brink of ruin, whilst lining their own pockets. Sex-tourists like Bob Kelly loved that kind of situation, because the people and the place, being ground down into abject poverty led to the most desperate sector of society to turn to any means to scrape a meagre living. For some poor, sad young women this meant subjecting themselves to the degrading humiliation of pandering to the sagging ego, and the sagging bodies, of aging perverts like Kelly, for the price of a couple of decent meals and a few dollars more. Bob Kelly's whining article is also completely off the mark in his ill-informed, derogatory, inaccurate comments about President Leonel Fernandez. Thanks be to God that President Fernandez has rapidly begun to help the DR towards economic recovery, and regaining the self respect of both the country, as well as that of the people.

Due to Mejia nearly bankrupting the country, and leading to a ridiculous exchange rate (that only made life even easier for the sleazy, disgusting types like Kelly, who could debauch themselves and exploit their victims for less money) President Fernandez has had to make some dramatic economic decisions. Yes, the monetary and fiscal economic adjustments have led to the US Dollar now only attracting a little more than half what it used to in Peso value a year or two ago. It has also been necessary, and prudent, to implement some relatively small additional taxes which do impact on tourists, but to be fair there is no argument that the visitors to this sunny Isle can afford a few more dollars, pounds or euros much more than the local people can. Today, as President Fernandez and his excellent team, set about repairing the devastating damage that was done to the Dominican economy in the first years of this millennium, the sun is finally also beginning to shine for the Dominican people.

Sure some of the measures may be making life more difficult for some just now. But whilst 80% of Dominicans still live below the poverty line, and whilst there are exploitative creeps around like Bob Kelly, self confessed 'dirty old man and sex pest'?then it is more important than ever that President Fernandez steers a straight and firm line to improve conditions for ALL the people of his country. It is a pity that Kelly and his ilk, once identified (such as by his own self confessed article of exploitation of teens and young women - making him little better than a paedophile in our book) can't be added to a list that STOPS THEM from leaving their own country to practice their disgusting sex-tourism vices. Bob Kelly admits he is fat, old and bald but he has a few dollars to rub together! He says he is a retired insurance salesman. It is just a pity that the poor young women of exotic, but poor, countries around the world - where life is a struggle - where a living is hard to make - but where their spirit still burn strong to try and support themselves and their families can't 'insure themselves' against the exploitation of disgusting creeps like this sick dirty old man, Bob Kelly ? and the equally (if not more) vile vultures like Elvis Preston King who apparently actually assist these sex pest tourists in their sickening and perverted quest.


By: A.Smith

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Disgusting sex tourists like Bob Kelly no longer welcome in DR - Bob Kelly, a retired insurance salesman, who claims (in his recent article on the GoArticles site) to enjoy ?traveling to exotic and interesting tropical destinations? ? has recently published some disparaging and ill-informed things about the new .

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