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How Do Glowsticks Work

Glowstick is a piece of plastic tube containing a glass vial. This glass vial contains chemicals that when react with the plastic tube create light. For a glowstick to produce light, it must bend.

The bending allows the glass vial to break and the action allows the chemical to release from the vial. Once the chemicals from the vial mix with the plastic tube, a chemical reaction takes place where light is formed.We often see it on concerts, parks, carnivals, and parties.

We can also see it used by campers, divers, and rescuers. But in any occasion it is used, glowstick provides light, color, and functionality. Imagine a piece of plastic can illuminate and provides different color.

But how does glowstick work? If this is still a mystery to you, then you should read the rest of the article.Energy from the reaction?.There are several forms of energy.

One is light. While the best source of light is the sun, some chemical reactions can also produce energy to form light; the glowstick creates a reaction that produces energy in the form of light.Usually, light is produced from a reaction that creates heat; but in the glowstick, it is not exactly the case. Although the glowstick does not create heat, the rate of the chemical reaction that produces energy causes the stick to glow.

One great factor affecting the intensity of the glow is the temperature.When placed in a cold environment, you can notice that the amount of light energy produced is less. This is because the rate of the chemical reaction to create light slows down.

This will make the light glows longer. While this is the case, the stick will glow much longer. In a hot environment, a reverse process occurs. The chemical reaction speeds up causing the glowstick to produce brighter light.

This is exactly what will happen if the glowstick is submerged in hot water. While if will glow brighter, the stick will wear faster.Components?.There are three main components for a glowstick to produce light.

Two of them are chemicals and the other is the fluorescent dye. The two chemicals react to produce energy while the fluorescent dye receives the energy that will convert it into light.Commercial glowsticks use the phenyl oxalate ester and the hydrogen peroxide.

The former is kept with the fluorescent dye. The latter is kept separately. The color from the fluorescent dye is determines the color of the glowstick.

The process works this way: when the two chemicals are combined (as a result of bending), it causes reaction that releases adequate energy to stimulate the electrons in the fluorescent dye. The energy produced makes the movement of the electrons higher that will result to the production of light.Uses?.Glowsticks have several functional uses. As was mentioned, glowsticks are used by divers. These will let them see underwater without the need for portable light.

Glowsticks can be used to provide warnings to other divers that one diver is in danger.Glowsticks are also used by campers. This will enable them to mark the trails among other things.In parties, gatherings, celebrations, and concerts, glowsticks provide more color and fun. With glowstick available commercially in different colors, they are a good addition to any occasion.

.Robert Thatcher is a freelance publisher based in Cupertino, California. He publishes articles and reports in various ezines and provides glowstick resources on href="http://www.your-glowstick.info">http://www.your-glowstick.


By: Robert Thatcher

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