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Luggage Packing Tips for The Road Warrior

Getting frustrated or paranoid about bags to be packed for the next vacation need not be a mandatory part of your every holiday. Though it might seem tedious, following certain tips in packing can make the errand quick, easy, and efficient!.For an easier packing experience, remember:.1.

Lists, lists, lists: All destinations require different things to be packed. Once the destination is fixed, make a list of things you and the family will require. You might want to make separate list for each family member to avoid missing anything essential.

Lists speed up packing and help you fill up baggage claims in the event of lost baggage! However, beware of too many lists. They could confuse you and make life difficult. Also, keep the final list in your hand baggage or wallet where you can refer to it in case you need it.

2. Baggage type: Seems like a silly discussion but could make a considerable impact on your holiday! Consider packing fragile crystal in soft-sided luggage, not a great idea, is it? If the trip is going to be a long and rugged one, perhaps a hard-sided luggage will be a better companion. Choose according to requirements not only on fashion dictates! When buying bags for a trip, look for in-built features like:.a. hanger rods.

b. Reverse-fold designs.c. Packing fixtures.

d. extra pockets.e.

Wetpacks.f. Retractable wheels.g.

locks that do not dangle too much.f. Size that allows the baggage to be carried for its intended use. For instance, if it is a handbag then it should fit the flight overhead baggage area.

3. The business of packing: the quickest steps to packing are:.a. Clear a flat surface for packing and open your packing cases on it, one at a time.

b. Stack all the material to be packed next to the bag. Make separate stacks for separate bags.c.

Place heavy objects like shoes, toiletries, and hairdryers at the bottom of the case. You can call up the hotel you are staying at to confirm if they provide things like hairdryers and avoid carrying too much.d. Next, use wrinkle free clothing like jeans and lingerie to cushion heavy items.

e. Now, start with the heavy clothing-suits and dresses. Keep the shoulders of the suits straight, next to the hinge of the bag. Fold clothes over each other to avoid creasing and wrinkling.Fold all clothes on their natural creases to minimize the space they take.

(Note: check with the hotel if they provide laundry service, if they do you can reduce the number of things you have to carry.).4. Packing the hand baggage: It is imperative that you are equally or more cautious about what you carry on your person.A checklist is given below:.

a. your PASSPORT and TICKETS.b. Wallet and identification like driver's license or other identification.c. Insurance papers.

d. Traveler's checks, cash, and any other valuables.e. Itinerary with confirmation numbers and required phone numbers.f. Your medication.

g. Film rolls that you can request to be hand checked to avoid damaging them with x-rays! Its best practice to get the rolls developed wherever you are before traveling, even though it might be more expensive to do so but at least you are assured that they are not getting spoilt!.Lastly, travel light. Coordinate outfits to avoid carrying too many clothes. Don't be too flashy so that you don't draw too much attention to yourself and your baggage. Mark your luggage well to avoid it being mixed up and to recognize it quickly on luggage conveyors.

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By: Michelle Sharpe

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