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Madonna Inn


The Bottom Line: No two rooms are alike in this unique California landmark, famous for its waterfall bathrooms.

What's Special About the Madonna Inn: One of the most wacky and tacky sites along Highway 101. The brainchild and passion of hotelier Alex Madonna, who died in April 2004, this 1950s monument to kitsch is easily recognizable by its Swiss-Alps-inspired exterior and Pepto-Bismol-pink color scheme. Tourists swarm to see the world-famous waterfall urinal. Each room in the Madonna Inn is uniquely themed; choose among rooms such as Old Mill, with a working waterwheel, or the Hearts and Flowers, where walls and floor are bright red.

Guest Rooms and Rates: 108 sompletely unique guest rooms and suites, in themes like "Caveman" and "Paris Violets," from $147.
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Insider Tips:

* The on-property steakhouse is very affordable and good quality.

Location of the Madonna Inn: Halfway between San Francisco and Los Angeles.
Map and Driving Directions

Contact the Madonna Inn:
100 Madonna Road, San Luis Obispo, California 93405
phone: 805.543.3000, 800.543.9666; fax: 805.543.1800;
email: info@madonnainn.com
web site: Madonna Inn

Guest Reviews of Madonna Inn: Guest Reviews of the Madonna Inn
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