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NightClubbing in Amsterdam

Nightclubs are as trendy as they can be. Lunches become lounges and trends come and go with the speed of lightning in Amsterdam. One can visit a lounge or a bar or dance the night away in one of Amsterdam's many nightclubs.Amsterdam is a Clubber's fantasy come to life. Cafes start serving drinks at lunch and after-hours parties go on until noon.

There a re so many pubs and clubs, one needs to have leisure and time to visit all the nightclubs in this city. Hemp and pot are as prevalent as beer and the Red Light District is a trip through, well, it's just a trip. Amsterdam rocks virtually every night of the week, although it slows down to catch its breath on Mondays and Tuesdays.The nightlife offers various music styles: disco, pop and house, with the added attraction of a small dance floor. The nightclubs have a mix of modern design and ancient style, a large lounge area and a dance floor with excellent lightning and sound system is the basic characteristic of all the nightclubs.One can find intimate (and often very hot and sweaty) venue in the nightclubs- the original home to Amsterdam's best hip-hop night, and Saturdays are still the day when the nightclubs still plays hip-hop.

To get entry it is advisable whenever you go, get there early.In a nightclub one can find legendary jazz bar or quality music and pleasant and informal atmosphere. If one goes to Bar8, one will find one of the trendiest bars in the city.

The characteristics of the Paris, London and New York nightlife scenes reflected in Bar8. Joia, a tropical surprise where in the front, one will find a restaurant with a South American funky menu and exciting cocktails, in the back there's a true jungle setting. The music is tropical, the mirrors on the ceiling are something different and the overall ambience and scene is something which one really wants to savor. Alto, Bar8, Bar Bep, Joia, Kantine West, Supperclub all these nightclubs give you an exciting cultural or culinary adventure. Escape is one of Amsterdam's best nightclubs and has provided exclusive parties, music, and atmosphere since 1987.

It remains popular and at the cutting edge of the modern dance scene.

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By: Rahul Viz

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