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  Create an unforgettable hotel stay with a little advance planning.

Planning a romantic getaway? Whether it's a honeymoon or your 50th anniversary, you'll want to make it as special as possible. Many hotels and resorts expect you to visit during special occasions, and can supply your trip with the trimmings that will make it extra special. Usually it's as simple as asking! Read on for tips to make your romantic trip memorable.

When you book your stay, ask about special romance packages or rates. Many hotels and resorts offer package deals that include extras such as relaxing spa services, limousine pickup from the airport or flowers in your room. Booking a romantic package can take care of many of the little "extras" that make your trip special, while saving you time and money.

If you are booking your stay in honor of a special occasion, let the hotel staff know.

Tell them what event you are celebrating in advance (when you book and confirm) and when you check in. Many resorts will surprise you with special service or gifts to help you celebrate. For example, on my honeymoon stay in the Bellagio resort in Las Vegas, the manager sent a signed card and a complimentary CD. The CD was a collection of music from the resort's dancing fountains, a romantic favorite of ours throughout the trip. Once we arrived home, the CD was the perfect keepsake reminder of our stay at the resort.

Plan a unique event during your stay. Dinner and dancing is always a classic, but go the extra mile to find something interesting and unique to try. Often the hotel's concierge can suggest activities close to the hotel, or you can look online for suggestions. At one stay in Disney World's Wilderness Lodge, I booked a "fireworks cruise" that sailed the Seven Seas Lagoon with a wonderful view of Cinderella's Castle -- and the nightly fireworks overhead. Getting away from the crowds on that trip was a treat, and the setting was very romantic.

Take a picture to remember the event. Often the hotel will have wandering photographers or waitstaff with access to cameras, but it's a good idea to bring along your own camera. Ask a staff member to take a snapshot. It will make a great keepsake of your special occasion, long after you've returned home.

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