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Stag Weekends Spent in Nottingham Both Naughty and Nice

Your best friend is about to get married and you're concerned. Will you lose your best friend or gain a new friend in his bride-to-be? But you don't waste much time worrying about this. After all, you've got a stag weekend full of fun and partying to plan.It's the stag weekend - a weekend to shame yourself and your buddies. So saddle up (or down) for what is sure to be a stag weekend of fun!.

To get the balls a-rollin,' you'll want to make sure the beer is a-flowin,' which is does freely in Nottingham - frothin' heads on massive jugs (watch it, we really are talking about the glasses of beer here). As you will see, though, the massive jugs of beer are only matched by the jugs on?well, you know!.Famous for it's nightlife, Nottingham gets a nod of approval from stag party planners for being a true one-stop-shop for everything fun (and secret).

Located in the Heart of England, the entertainment here is truly heart-stopping.But hold on to your heart, for that's given away on the wedding day. Before that, you're only obligation is to get it beating a bit faster and Nottingham will get your heart pumping and the blood flowing with everything from paintball and golf, to 4X4 fun, lap dances for every one in the party, even the chic and classy Lace Market area (known for the shopping and bars, there really isn't much lace here, boys).You and your possy of stag weekend partiers can start the stag weekend off by taking a stroll on Canal Street, which actually use to be a river (the Lean River), where prisoners were ferried on their way to being transported to Australia.

But members of your stag party will undoubtedly be more interested in the Lion's Den, a notable spot for a stag weekend where the women outnumber the men. In fact, rumor has it that the prettiest girls around live here and the area got its name because the local beauties would go out on the weekends and party in the Old Market Square, where they were "met by the lions.".And, of course, with Nottingham University being the most popular university in Britain, beauty abounds here, too, making a place where inhibitions are "checked- at-the-door" and secrets are made.

.Wayne Langley is a freelance writer who is always looking for stag party fun (even when he's not invited). In fact, he spends much of his time assisting London-based Chillisauce planning tailor-made stag party packages. Wayne and the rest of the Chillisauce team are known for planning the most memorable stag nights and stag weekends around, leaving nothing to chance, except a hangover, of course.

Let Chillisauce create a special night or weekend of fun for you and your buddies. One call does it all - we do the rest!.

By: Wayne Langley

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