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The Largest Hotels in the World
What sets these unique hotels apart is sheer size. These are the biggest of the big ones -- the largest hotels in the world.

Madonna Inn
No two rooms are alike in this unique hotel. This California landmark is famous for its waterfall bathrooms.

Algonquin Hotel
Marking its 100-year anniversary, The Algonquin was named one of America's 10 Best Historic Hotels by Historic Traveler Magazine. This unique hotel is seeped in literary history, once providing a home to Dorothy Parker's famed Algonquin Round Table. Enjoy the literary quotes in every room and nightly cabaret entertainment often featuring celebrities reading from classics.

Top 10 Hotels and Resorts for Family Vacations
Family vacations go much more smoothly when you choose a hotel or resort that plans for family trips. Consider these family-friendly hotels when planning your family vacations.

Top 10 New Hip Hotels
Ready for something different? Try one of the best and hippest hotels from around the world. Prices at these hotels run from spare change to splurge, but they all have a certain vibe in common.

Romantic Hotels
Planning a romantic getaway? Whether it's a honeymoon or your 50th anniversary, you'll want to make it as special as possible. Many hotels and resorts expect you to visit during special occasions, and can supply your trip with the trimmings that will make it extra special. Usually it's as simple as asking! Read on for tips to make your romantic trip memorable.

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